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Crochet Braids Extensions

Crochet braiding is an installation method for bulk (or non-wefted) hair extensions; The natural hair can be be twisted, braided or styled into cornrows before affixing the synthetic hair; Using a crochet hook, the synthetic hair is then attached. Parts of the hair extensions are grabbed by the hook and pulled through the underside of each cornrow.

“”Crochet braids”” is associated with African hair styles. Known as a protective style, the technique can assist with hair growth if cared for properly.
It’s a great technique to choose if you’re worried about damaging your natural hair or simply want to give your hair a break.

The styles that are now being created with crochet braids are styles that look natural, so braiding hair like Kanekelon hair or hair that already comes twisted or braided is what’s typically being used.
Your crochet hairstyle can last from four to eight weeks, it’s not recommended to keep for longer than two months as it can put too much strain on your natural hair.

How to take care of your Croched braid style?

• We suggest wrapping or covering your hair in a silk or satin bonnet before you go to bed to reduce any friction in your sleep.

• To wash: Fill an applicator bottle half with shampoo and the other half with cold water, shake and apply to scalp/cornrows. Rinse hair well with not too hot water (heat can affect the curl pattern of the crochet hair).

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